ESTA Travel Visa Program Procedures You Must Follow

To go to the visa waiver program and obtain your visa to travel into the United States, you must do this in the proper manner. If you are United States citizen, there is simply a form that you have to fill out, a payment you need to make, and you will be able to travel. However, if you are coming into the United States, you are going to need to set an appointment with the consulate. Whether it is there, or with a US Embassy, once your form has been approved, you can then receive the visa. This is what you must do to get the ESTA travel visa that you need.

ESTA Travel Visa Steps To Take

When you go to the website where you can download the form, you will fill it out. You will submit it back to the same place you received it from. They will go through the form, set up a time for you to meet with a consulate or embassy member. They will then decide whether or not to let you into the United States, or deny you. You will find out very quickly. You also must make sure that you have paid for the form, and once you have done that, they can schedule this time for you to speak with a representative.

Do You Always Need To Get A Visa?

If you need to travel into the United States, you most certainly need a visa. However, if you are a United States citizen, the process is just a little different. There will not be an interview. However, if you are coming into the US, and you have filled out your non-immigration visa form, you are almost there. Once the appointment is over, and they approve your request, you will then be granted an electronic Visa that will allow you to travel into United States for 90 days or less.