How To Apply For A Kanada Visum

How To Apply For A Kanada Visum

When you travel to Canada and you live in certain countries, you are going to need to apply for a Kanada Visum before you can get into the country. This visa is also known as the Canadian eTA and it is an electronic travel authorization that allows you to board the flight to Canada.

If you don’t have this visa you will not be able to travel to Canada so it is important that you apply for it as soon as you start thinking about going to Canada. This visa doesn’t take long to apply for and you can usually get approved in a few minutes. You will be asked a series of questions on the form and it is important that you answer them truthfully.

When you fill out the online form you are going to need your passport and you will also need a credit card so you can pay for the fee. The fee is reasonable and the eTA is going to be good for two years and it also gives you unlimited travel in Canada. You can travel for work or for pleasure and you just have to keep your trip to 90 days or less.

Make sure that you apply for your Kanada Visum as soon as you know you are going to Canada and get it before you buy your plane tickets in case something happens and your application has to be manually reviewed. If something comes up in the application that needs more explanation, you might have to submit documents and other paperwork and this can take time.

If you don’t give yourself enough time to get the eTA, you could end up missing your flight if the application is delayed. You can’t board a flight to Canada without the eTA, so the earlier you apply for it the better. The application won’t take long to fill out and you don’t need to print anything out or bring anything with you because it attaches electronically to your passport. You just show up with your passport and the eTA will be there.

Canada is a great place to visit, but you can’t fly there unless you have your eTA. Most people are approved in minutes so make sure that you apply for it early and don’t wait too close to your flight because you might end up missing it.

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