ESTA Waiver Program

ESTA Waiver Program

The ESTA waiver program or the electronic system for travel authorization was designed to strengthen the security of travel to the United States. In fact, citizens from the visa waiver program countries should apply for an ESTA waiver when traveling to the United States for business or holiday for less than ninety days. They can still travel to the United States without a visa – provided that they apply for the ESTA. Here are some important facts about the ESTA visa scheme.

If you reside in a country that participates in the VWP, you can still visit the United States for less than ninety days for holiday or business with an ESTA approval. It is an online approval that you should get via the website of the United States Customs and Border Protection Department. They provide a public secure website for you to apply for the approval. Once you enter the details and answer the questions asked by the Border Protection Authority, your eligibility is determined. You will get an immediate reply from the Border Protection Authorities via an email. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes of your time. There is a small fee which you should pay using a debit or credit card. You should print out the approval and keep with you to produce it to the airline who plan to travel. There are certain airlines that are named designated carriers. You should be traveling in one of these carriers when you have an ESTA.

The ESTA approval is usually valid for two years. But if your passport expires before the expiry date of the ESTA, you should re-apply for the authority. You can visit the United States multiple times with an ESTA. But there should be a reasonable gap between two visits so that the authorities don’t think that you have plans to settle down in the United States. On the other hand, you may require a new ESTA if you change your name, gender, country of origin or citizenship, or if you are convicted of a crime. These are important things to consider when applying for an ESTA to travel to the United States.

If your country participates in the VWP, you should apply for an ESTA to travel to the United States without a visa. There are many requirements to apply for the ESTA approval. The above read provides information on the ESTA approval.

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