An Overview Of Getting An E Visa India

An Overview Of Getting An E Visa India

All citizens from foreign countries who want to enter India for any purpose should present a valid travel document. One of the most important international documents when entering this country is the national passport containing a valid visa released by the Indian Mission abroad. If you are also planning to travel to this country for personal or business purposes, continue reading to get more insights.

As an individual visa applicant, you are requested to complete the application process through a link called Indian Visa Online Application. In this online link, you will get the necessary details and step-by-step instructions. When filling out the form, make sure that you provide the correct information. Otherwise, it can cause a conflict with other travel documents you are going to present to the authority.

After you have completed the form, submit this duly signed copy of the form to the IVAC or Indian Visa Application Center or to the Indian Mission/Post. However, you should schedule a date of interview. Always bring supporting documents with you.

For detailed instructions, proceed to the Instructions for Regular Visa Application section. Here, you get all instructions for scheduling an appointment and filling the online form. The Visa Enquiry page informs you on the status of your application for e Visa India.

Indian Visa Fees

The fee on an e Visa India varies on the type of visa you applied for and the duration of your stay. Visa fees are categorized into several types such as:

– Special fee

– Basic fee

– Processing fee

These are processed by the outsourcing agency. At the end of the registration process online, the page will display the basic fee you need to pay. But, it is also important to know that such fee can be indicative and final payment will be charged at the respective counter during the submission of your application. Once received, fees are non-refundable even if your application has been withdrawn or not granted.

To get further details on this aspect, check with the nearest local Indian embassy office. You can also contact Indian Visa Application center or sites associated with Indian visa application. They will provide you a complete detail regarding the payment methods and applicable fees. Other details you may consider are the photo requirements, visa processing time, visa categories, foreigners acts, technical information, visa provision and useful web links.

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