5 Common Misbeliefs about New Zealand

New Zealand is a young country, both geologically and in human aspects. No wonder, there are many misunderstandings about the country. Nevertheless, the nation boasts many scenic places worth visiting. If you have already secured your New Zealand Travel VISA, it is essential to know the facts straight before you visit the country. Here are common misbeliefs about the country you need to erase in your memory quickly.


Misbelief #1: New Zealand Is A Part Of Australia

Out of all the mix up about New Zealand is that most people think that it is a part of Australia, when in fact these are two wholly separate countries. It’s forgivable to get confused as they are in the same region with quite a related background, But, there are far more differences which surpass their similarities.

Misbelief #2: New Zealand Is Brimmed With Dangerous Animals

If you consider goats as dangerous, then this becomes a fact. If not, then, there are no deadly animals to fear in New Zealand. People are again, mistaking the country’s wildlife with that of Australia. Though, a giant, man-eating eagle used to live in the southern part of New Zealand but gone extinct a few centuries ago.

Misbelief #3: All Residents Speak Maori

This is another myth as not even all Maori know how to speak Maori. It may be New Zealand’s official language; however, signages in both Maori and English are abundant across the country. But, it is good to note that some Maori words were adopted in New Zealand English and are now part of daily conversation.

Misbelief #4: New Zealand Is Small, You Can Travel It In A Week Or Two

Don’t be tricked by the country’s size. It is a big culture with a distinct landscape. You need to spend weeks to witness in vast picturesque beauty. New Zealand has a fair share of great beaches and island escapes, to enormous glaciers and snow-capped mountains. You can bathe in thermal springs, raft down the rapids, or see high-rising geysers. It’d be ridiculous to think, which most tourists do, that you can cover the entire country in a week or two.

Misbelief #5: New Zealand Has Vikings

New Zealand has never been a feudal fantasy land nor it is near Iceland! You will not see Vikings in this country and never did they visit the nation when they went out freebooting. Most likely, this mix-up is due to people merely confusing New Zealand with Newfoundland.

These are only a few of the misconceptions about New Zealand. Better to prove the other mix-up by yourself and visit this magnificent country!

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