Tips on Booking a Cheap Flight to New Zealand

Nowadays, booking a flight to New Zealand has never been easier. Along with their comfortable chairs and spacious seats, Air New Zealand has begun consistent trips from Chicago to Auckland and a few other stops. However, if you think it’s out of the budget, here are a few tips on how to book a cheap flight after you’ve gotten your NZ Visa.


Day and Time

One thing you must always remember when booking a flight: don’t wait until the last minute. The closer the flight date is, the more likely it is to be expensive. The recommended time for booking is at least two months before your flight. Also, Tuesdays have been known to have lower prices, while Wednesdays are a bit more on the pricey side. This is because of the theory that more people want to fly early for the weekend. Some have also suggested booking at midnight on your airline’s local time.


Type of Flight Ticket

Know the difference between the three kinds of flight tickets:

  • A one-way ticket is for traveling to one place or direction without a flight back.
  • A return ticket is having both flights to your destination and back again from where you first left with having the same route.
  • An open-return ticket has a definite flight date for your destination, but with a flexible return ticket that permits you to choose a specific time and date.

The kind of plane ticket for you will have to depend on your needs. This includes your ease and flexibility. If you think you’ll be staying for a few months, then booking a return ticket is definitely the affordable alternative. If you have plenty of greens to spare, the open-ended ticket is also quite convenient.


Location to Book a Flight

For this, some research will be needed. You will have to start with websites that compare flights. They will recommend the best time to book a flight and the that airline offers the cheapest tickets. Flexibility is also important. Comparing a couple of departure cities might help you save much more money than you thought you would. The more intensive research you do, the more you will get to know your route, thus resulting in promising deals. After you’ve chosen the flight information that suits you, go directly to the airline’s website and immediately book your flight!

You may not have a business class seat, but at least you get to fully experience the wonders of another country with a few bucks to spare. Maybe you can use those to spend on your leisure time.

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