ETIAS Visa Application Walkthrough

Do you wish to travel to France and see the magnificence of Paris — the Global City? No wonder why a lot of tourists go to the country. The nation is well-known for having incredible landscapes, top-of-the-line restaurants, irresistible wines, inviting beaches, impressive high grounds, etc.


More about France

Aside from remarkable tourist spots in France, it’s where you’ll see well-looked-after lavish cultural and architectural gifts, exhibiting Gallo-Roman, Renaissance, and Medieval heritage.  Though other dialects are present, most of the locals are speaking French. The nation has embraced numerous religions.


The privilege of Countries that are Part of Schengen Area

The nations that are considered in the Schengen agreement can visit France and other Schengen areas through visa waiver arrangement. But, the privilege will only be utilized until 2021. After 20121, all the countries linked to the Schengen agreement will need to apply for ETIAS to visit France and the other Schengen Member States.


What are the Requirements to Travel in France?

ETIAs France is a fresh Schengen immigration dogma, which applies to citizens of nations that are included in the Schengen visa waiver arrangement.  Interestingly, the Schengen region is composed of 26 European states. Some of the countries that are part of the agreement are New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, etc. To learn more about the Schengen area, you can use this resource —

ETIAS stands for European Travel and Information Authorization System. This system has been approved in 2016. But, the implementation will start in January of 2021. If you’re familiar with US ESTA or Canadian ETA, the ETIAS is the same thing, but for France.


What You Need to Do if Your Country is Not Part of Schengen Immigration Agreement

If you are coming from a country which is not part of the Schengen agreement, there will be a different process. You will be obliged to apply for a visa to French at available embassy or consulate in your country.


How ETIAS Work

The process is easy. You will just deal with three steps:

  • Complete the electronic form.
  •  Settle the payment.
  • Wait for approval.

You can visit France and other Schengen areas once you obtain the ETIAS, and it remains active for 3 years. It’s a convenient process because you will just wait for a maximum of 72 hours for the result which will be sent to your email inbox.

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