5 Practical Things to Know Before Visiting Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is only as big as New Mexico. Oman is a country filled with a stunning landscape made up of mountains, oases, desert, and coastlines. Oman is investing in massive tourism, and it shows openness to foreigners. Oman has so much to offer to the lover of adventure. Before you can get a visum Oman can provide, you should get to know things before you visit Oman.

Be Prepared to Dress Modestly

Oman is a Muslim country. Thus, you need to wear conservative clothing, especially for women. The locals give more leeway to foreigners who wear shorts or t-shirts over one’s bathing suit. Also, when you’re out of the water, it is a sign of respect to cover one’s shoulders or to wear long pants in any occasion. You have to be conscious of what you should wear, especially when traveling along the roads and malls.

Expect It to Be a Dry Trip

Before you decide to get a visum Oman for yourself, you should know that you’re going to a country with a very dry climate. That means alcohol isn’t a common thing to find in beachside resorts and bars. If ever there is, then it’s expensive. There are no local brews, and the only drinks you’ll find are those produced internationally such as Heineken. In any case, you can consider your trip to Oman a relaxing and therapeutic alcohol detox.

Don’t Refuse Invitations

It is always impolite to refuse any invitation in Oman. When a local invites you to a simple meal or a snack of dates, try to eat something or strike a short conversation with the person who invited you. Omani locals are very friendly, but you’re not supposed to refuse their invitation to a meal or coffee. Also, make sure that you wash only your right hand because it’s the one for eating. You use the left hand only in the toilet, and that is the only time you wash it in front of locals.

Respect the Nose-to-Nose Greeting

Omani men may sometimes greet each other by touching another’s nose with one’s own. This is common when they’re from the same tribal group – a habit that’s similar to the Inuit. However, unless you know the local very well and you’ve done this with him many times, then better leave this unique form of greeting to the Omani locals. Also, don’t make a big deal about this by appearing too curious or by laughing at those who do it.

Bear With the Transportation

Omani public transportation may be a problem for you because it is often insufficient. There are buses in some main cities, like Muscat or Nizwa. However, you can’t reach famous sites like Jebel Shams mountains or Wadi’s through public transportation. Thus, you might need to rent a car if you want a good view of Oman. A bus could be an option, but it would take 4-6 hours of waiting depending on the number of people on the border.

Some Final Words

The Omani government has mentioned about spending one billion dollars for the improvement of all tourist facilities over the next few years. Thus, you should expect everything in Oman to improve a lot.


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