ESTA Formular For German Citizens

ESTA Formular For German Citizens

If you live in Germany and want to travel to the United States, you can plan your trip without having to get a visa. Instead, you can use the ESTA formular to fly into the country. This ESTA is electronic and you apply for it using an online form. It is valid for two years and you can travel to the United States as often as you want as long as your passport is valid.

When you get your ESTA, you have to make sure that each trip is fewer than 90 days and you can take a trip for work or for pleasure. You can come and go as often as you want during the two years that your ESTA is valid. Once your ESTA expires you are going to need to apply for a new one. You also need to apply for a new visa if your passport expires.

The ESTA formular saves you time because you can apply for it at home on your computer and you don’t have to deal with a lengthy wait to get a formal visa. As long as you are going for short trips under 90 days, this visa is the best choice because you won’t have to stand in line for so long.

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You can only apply online and the application form is short and easy to fill out. You are going to need your passport information when you apply and you will also need a credit card so you can pay the fee. Most applications are approved right away but sometimes an application gets flagged and you have to provide more information. This can take time so make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get it. If you wait to apply the night before your flight and there is a delay, you could end up missing your flight.

The best thing is to apply a few weeks before your trip or get your ESTA before you buy your plane tickets. You want to make sure that you get your tickets after you get the ESTA so you don’t miss your flight. When you have your ESTA you are ready to explore the United States and you won’t have to get the visa. The ESTA attaches electronically to your passport so you won’t need to bring anything with you to the airport except for your passport.

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